WINSTON PETERS: Bill English living in a bubble; immigration out of control

Another month and another immigration record.

Latest statistics show in the year to March our population grew by a net 71,900 migrants.

That means we’re creating a city the size of New Plymouth every year and it has been going on for some time.

What was the Prime Minister’s reaction to the latest rise?

“No we’re not concerned,” he said

He trotted out his old well-worn lines that we need the skills immigrants bring and Kiwis are voting with their feet – they’re coming back to New Zealand.

Politicians can live in bubbles and Mr English is obviously in one. He needs a reality check from ordinary Kiwis who really know what’s happening.

Here’s what one Kiwi wrote:

“In 2016/17 I personally know of at least 6 families who have returned to NZ, all are born in India and lived in NZ just long enough to obtain citizenship and a NZ passport. Most are returning because work contracts have not been renewed, so they come back to where they own property and can get welfare. I have also met new immigrants who have happily told me they will only be in NZ long enough to gain citizenship before moving to Australia.”

We have long been known as the back door entry to Australia.

That’s one of the reasons Australia in 2001 clamped down on New Zealanders’ rights in Australia and now Kiwis over there are second class, worse off than immigrants from most other countries.

As for the skills shortage – a lot of that could be sorted out if the government had programmes to get 91,000 young unemployed Kiwis upskilled and into jobs.

But Mr English wants the cheap, easily controlled labour that migrants provide and he wants the millions of dollars the often corrupt international education industry brings in.

He cannot fool ordinary Kiwis. They know immigration has got out of hand.

They are the ones having to endure the consequences every day with clogged motorways, greater competition for jobs, a chronic shortage of affordable housing, long waits for surgery and hopelessly inadequate infrastructure throughout the nation.