VAUGHN DAVIS: TLDL - Sticks and stones and online bullying

Sunday Social 20/02/2017
VAUGHN DAVIS: TLDL (Too Long, Didn't Listen) - Monday 20th February

Sticks and stones and online bullying

Online bullying gets a lot of attention, and is something that groups of middle aged guys like me spend plenty of time angsting over. Last night, though, I was lucky enough to talk to someone from a world where online bullying, trolling and all sorts of other digital nastiness is commonplace. Christie Grocott is a 15 year old student and works as a volunteer on New Zealand online safety project Sticks N Stones . Our chat is well worth a listen, and was a real wake up for me when she said she’s never heard of New Zealand’s Harmful Digital Communications Act… which was meant to help protect people from exactly the stuff she’s fighting.

Listen to the interview with Christie Grocott here

Roll over, YouTube ad

I get the irony of saying this as an ad agency owner , but I hate long unskippable YouTube pre-roll ads. Well, it turns out 90% of you agree - and YouTube’s owner Google announced this week it’s pulling 30 second unskippable pre-roll ads. Don’t celebrate just yet, though, the change doesn’t happen until 2018.

Trump, only with crayons

A Chrome extension is a little programme that adds a function to your web browser. Sometimes they’re practical; sometimes they’re just fun. Make Trump’s Tweets 8 Again falls into the second group. Install it and when you view the US President’s tweets, they’ll appear as if they’ve been written in crayon by a child.

Site of the week: emergency compliments

We ran out of time to cover this but I wanted to share it… because who doesn’t need a compliment now and then? Just hit refresh for a new way to tell yourself (or someone else) that they’re just the bee’s knees.