VAUGHN DAVIS: TLDL 13th Feb - 'Who's your daddy? And is he blogging?'

Sunday Social 13/02/2017
TLDL (Too Long, Didn't Listen) 13 February 2017

Who’s your daddy? And is he blogging?

Mummy bloggers (or mommy bloggers as they call them in the states) are a big deal worldwide, just as popular with sponsors and advertisers as they are with other parents.

But what about the dads? Paul Dickson is a New Zealand daddy blogger and his blog DadsPatch chronicles his experience raising his son Taylor. It’s a good read and worth a look whether or not you can read the words “nappy change” without instantly reliving the smell of it all…

Trump Tweets can make you rich – seriously!

Seriously! Well maybe… a Google researcher spotted that every time US President Trump tweets about a company, it’s share price moves up or down depending on the sentiment of the tweet. He wrote a programme to analyse the tweets then automatically buy or sell shares on your behalf… and apparently it’s outperforming the market by a handy chunk. You can follow the project on twitter here .

Big news for the smallest room

Who doesn’t use their mobile phone on the loo now and then? Turns out there’s a special app just for you. Pooductive connects you with other people currently having a wee sit down to chat, play games and raise awareness of (true event) World Toilet Day .

Trade Me strikes back!

You might have noticed over the last few months that Facebook now offers a Marketplace option on its app, allowing you to list and view items you have for sale. Unlike Trade Me there are no fees, and it’s over to you how you pay for the item. There’s also no after sales support or disputes resolution process – both pretty important features of the Trade Me experience. Despite this, and perhaps because “free” is a pretty good price point, the feature has been taking off, with people buying and selling everything from cars to guitars on Facebook.

An announcement from Trade Me this week is a good reminder why you might want to choose the local platform. From 21 February, all purchases in the General Marketplace category up to $2500 are covered by a money back guarantee, backed by Trade Me. So if that PS4 turns out to be a POS, Trade Me will refund your money and sort it out with the seller themselves. Check out Newshub’s coverage here .