MARK SAINSBURY: Australia tightens immigration - why do they hate us so much?

Malcolm Turnbull sure knows how to stoke the fires of popular sentiment.

He’s taking the razor to Australia’s already tight immigration policy - and he’s aiming the slasher at us!

Yes us - their best mates, their trans-Tasman cousins.

Last year the Aussies trumpeted a new pathway to citizenship for Kiwis wanting to make Australia home. Those who had met an income threshold for five years could apply for permanent residency, then for citizenship one year later.

On Thursday Turnbull changed the rules again, meaning Kiwi applicants must now spend four years as a permanent resident before getting citizenship.

About 100,000 Kiwis were expected to be eligible for the fast track. Now, just a matter of months before it was due to be brought in, they are being stymied by a four-year hurdle.

Why do the Aussies hate us so much? Are we really responsible for all the dole bludging and gang activity?

Especially when you look at how well we treat them on this side of the Tasman.

And remember part of the reason we are having so much trouble with immigration right now is because many Kiwis have given up on the Aussie dream and come home. Well there are likely to be many more about to do the same.

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