ANAND HIRA: Tell us what you want Politicians to talk about!

Prime Minister Bill English has given us an election date, Saturday September 23rd.

Till then, every MP and hopeful MP will state their case and tell us what is really important to New Zealand's future.

But you don't need to be told what's important - you know what's important.

On Wednesday night, Karyn Hay posed a simple, yet important question. Between now and the 23rd of September, what do you want politicians to be talking about? What issues and polices do you want the public discussing? What conversations need to be had?

We received some really insightful answers - from the obvious problem around housing to reforming education, reclaiming our green image, to developing new innovative industries.

Some brilliant answers on what matters - so I want to pose the same question. What three issues or policies do you want to be discussed by politicians and the public before election day?

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