ANAND HIRA: Common sense prevails... for a day

In a dark room hidden away, a prisoner waits. Secured with the tightest security the Beehive can muster. This week it executed a daring escape, and for a day it tasted freedom. That prisoner is Common Sense.

For just a day, common sense seemed to prevail in regards to medicinal cannabis. Health Minster Jonathan Coleman had said it was "probably unnecessary" to have a minister sign off on the drug, and the Government was looking at a "less bureaucratic" approach. He went on to say that "it might be specialist access, that's probably more likely than [having] a GP sign it off."

That would be a massive step, not a big enough step for many, but so much red tape would be cut and so much pain would be eased.

It was a measured response which gave control to specialists. A new tool in the battle against pain and suffering - or, it would've been.

But don't worry - Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has your back. He dons his cape and cowl, and is after his one true nemesis with full haste.

One day later, Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne said the decision would be shifted from the Associate Health Minster to the Ministry of Health. This isn't a big step.

Meanwhile, those suffering in pain still face a similar red tape.

Common sense broke free for a day. And the madness of hope spread like wildfire. Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne bests the criminal once more and drags it back to its cell.

He stands like sentinel, ever watchful in his solemn duty to keep the word of tyranny at bay. The word of common sense.