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Why the surplus won’t be used to boost teachers’ offer

"This is not a pot of money that's just sitting waiting to be spent," says Jacinda Ardern.

11 minutes ago

National want Bridges out - new leak suggests

The AM Show host Duncan Garner confronted Bridges with internal party polling that puts his favourability rating at negative 25 percent.


Beef + Lamb NZ ‘already on the bus’ for Government water quality plan

“The reality is Beef + Lamb is already on the bus in relation to water quality."


Firearms forums about good policy, not ‘NRA-style’ lobbying – Chris Bishop

“This is not about throwing the baby out with the bathwater and creating an NRA-style lobbying campaign or anything like that."


Government should borrow and invest now, says economist

The prospect of slowing economic growth should be a "trigger" for the Government to borrow and spend, says one of the country's leading economists.


Loan interest to be capped at 100 percent 'still high' - Darryl Evans

New measures to combat loan shark lenders who charge high interest on small loans will be introduced by the Government.


Government ‘ignoring the obvious’ alternative to light rail

The Government could save $2.5 billion if it's willing to ditch its Auckland CBD to airport light rail plan in favour of extending existing rail lines


‘Bribes for election year’: Duncan Garner slams Government surplus

"They've kept this for a rainy day, they just kept all this money on the side."


Campground owner slams $2.2m plan to tackle freedom camping

Logan Skinner’s budget-friendly park in Franz Josef could soon face stiff competition with freedom camping facilities just down the road.


Research ‘heavily’ underway to reduce NZ’s food production footprint

Jacinda Ardern addressed how the Government plans to tackle its emission targets for 2050.


Winston Peters on fuel ‘profiteering’, Chinese building NZ roads

The Deputy Prime Minister joins RadioLIVE's Mark Sainsbury to reflect on the week's news.


‘There is profiteering’ in the fuel industry – PM

The Prime Minister has doubled down on her crusade against the fuel industry.


Simon Bridges regrets 'poor choice of words' on Jami-Lee Ross

Simon Bridges says he's learned his lesson and won't be talking about Jami-Lee Ross' health issues anymore.


Rodney Hide: New Zealand deserves to know why Ross is on leave

People react well to being trusted. They react badly to being kept in the dark, argues Rodney Hide.


Rotorua reassured air ambulance shake-up will deliver

Rotorua’s base and helicopter has been sold, with five trusts joined together to cover the central region.


New research prompts criticism of alcohol law changes

Law changes intended to minimise harm from booze aren’t working, a new study suggests.


‘He's done his job’: Judith Collins stands by National leader Simon Bridges

Judith Collins has defended her boss' use of the word "embarrassing" to describe a fellow MP's health problems.


Russian government linked to 'malicious cyber activity' - GCSB

The GCSB says such attacks made it clear New Zealand needs robust national systems to address cyber threats.


National entering a ‘terrible deadzone’ – Chris Trotter

There is a "smell of death" around Simon Bridges' leadership of the National Party, according to a leading political commentator.


Simon Bridges breached Ross’ privacy with ‘glaring mistake’ – Garner

The AM Show host slammed Simon Bridges for the way he announced Jami-Lee Ross's personal leave.


‘He’s been dead a long time’: Gisborne Mayor on plans to remove Captain Cook statue

Local iwi Ngāti Oneone had long opposed the statue sitting on their ancestral mountain.


Northland doctor to oppose David Seymour’s euthanasia Bill

Mr Seymour’s End of Life Choice Bill passed its first reading last year, and is currently before a select committee.


Labour ‘not likely’ to support NZ First’s values test

New Zealand First's Bill is "not a Government bill," the Prime Minister emphasised.


What exactly are 'New Zealand values'?

NZ First wants migrants to be tested on them - but there's little consensus on what they are.


Simon Bridges: Winston Peters' 'moribund' comment 'very hurtful'

The National Party leader says Winston Peters' attacks may be good publicity - for him.


Weekend Variety Wireless: In case you missed Sunday

This week: Outspoken broadcaster Mark Watson; Rock Royalty Harry Lyon; John Dybvig; and much more.


Māori caucus gets heat for its support of Meka Whaitiri

The Māori caucus within the Labour Party has faced fierce criticism for their support of Meka Whaitiri as co-chair.


Jacinda Ardern 'exceptionally diplomatic' in the US – expert

"She's exceptionally diplomatic, especially when it comes to the President of the US."


Review of miscarriages of justice ‘absolutely overdue’

A criminal defence lawyer says the establishment of an independent body to look at miscarriages of justice is long overdue.


‘Dodgy’: Judith Collins questions Govt’s approach to Derek Handley saga

"I think that's what made us very interested... it's all very strange."


Primary teachers and principals reject latest pay offer

It means a second national strike is now back on the table, two months on from a nationwide strike in August.


Winston Peters on Wally Haumaha, politicians, and Christian values

Every Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters joins RadioLIVE’s Mark Sainsbury for a chat on the week’s news.


Government lacks plan for oil and gas transition – Mayor

New Plymouth Mayor Neil Holdom says the Government has "no plan" for Taranaki's future without oil and gas.


PM Jacinda Ardern making waves in New York

The Prime Minister's visit to New York is creating unprecedented interest from local media outlets for a New Zealand politician.


National open to supporting instant fines for shoplifters

Even though it appears leader Simon Bridges hasn't actually read the NZ First proposal.


Jacinda Ardern 'new squeezy toy' at UN - Duncan Garner

"They're all going to want to touch her and meet her," The AM Show host said.


Simon Bridges, Jacinda Ardern working together on climate change plan

Simon Bridges says he and Jacinda Ardern have been working behind the scenes to develop an "enduring" plan to combat climate change.


Instant fines for shoplifters could provide ‘accountability’ – NZ First MP

Shoplifters could be fined up to $1500 on the spot for pocketing goods if a private member’s bill gets the thumbs up.


Labour MP won’t say 'Labour-led Government'

A quick-thinking Kris Faafoi has avoided being tripped up on one of the less consequential dramas that has enveloped Parliament of late.


No apology coming from National over HNZ evictions

National's Housing Spokesperson Judith Collins is unrepentant on those kicked out of HNZ homes despite the science being debunked.