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$80k of taxpayer money spent on a report that was never written

A working group was formed to solve the problem of taxing water for export, but no report was ever written.

3 hours ago

The Long Lunch: In case you missed Thursday

In case you missed Thursday, here are some of the best bits from The Long Lunch July 19th 2018.

6 hours ago

Petition calls on Parliament to ban gay conversion therapy

The youth sections of the Labour and Green Parties are calling for the ban of gay conversion therapy.

7 hours ago

Staggering number of submissions received on Zero Carbon Bill

Around 10,000 people and organisations have expressed their view on the proposed 2050 carbon-neutral target.


'Dangerous precedent' will be set if lawsuit is lost - free speech group

The Free Speech Coalition has launched legal action against Auckland Council for banning right-wing speakers from a Council venue.


'Trump left picking up the pieces of his Presidency' - Paul Buchanan

Mitch Harris talks with Paul Buchanan, former intelligence and defence policy analyst at the White House, on the latest regarding Trump.


Auckland Council facing legal action over speaker ban

A Free Speech Coalition has filed legal papers against Phil Goff's ban of controversial Canadian speakers from council venues.


World condemns Trump's praise for Putin

The President's press conference comments were labelled "nothing short of treasonous".


Police disappointed in Govt’s move to cut mental health assistance

The Government has been slammed for ending a plan to send mental health workers out with police.


Trump supporters ‘polarised’ following his denial of Russian collusion

Donald Trump is facing one of the greatest tests of his presidency, according to Newshub correspondent Lloyd Burr.


‘Broken’ mental health system will take time to rebuild – Health Minister

Dr David Clark said the extra $200 million the Govt has put into existing services is a big step towards their goal.


New Zealand 'no chance' of being predator free by 2050

Former PM John Key said it was the most ambitious conservation project in the world, but experts say it is not possible.


'Truly pathetic': Duncan Garner blasts Simon Bridges

Mr Bridges didn't approve of the Health Minister's absence during the nurses' strike.


National leader Simon Bridges slams Govt's 'stealth cuts'

Police have had to dump a proposal to send mental workers on crisis callouts.


Warmer Kiwi Homes initiative will make a dry, healthy New Zealand - Green Party

The Greens are wanting to deliver warm, dry, healthy homes while they are in government.


Farmers ‘frustrated’ with animal welfare claims fired at pork industry

NZ Pork calls Farmwatch's video footage misleading, where mating stalls are insinuated to be compromising animal welfare.


Auckland Council faces heat over decision to ban right-wing speakers

Conservative organisation Right Minds NZ will launch a series of "free speech rallies" in response to the Council's decision.


National 'can't deny' health sector neglect – Labour MP

Labour and National MPs clashed on The AM Show on Friday over funding for nurses, following yesterday's nationwide strike.


‘Overwhelming’ number of tourism requests call for public toilets

Local councils have put in their requests for their slice of the $25 million in the bank for tourism infrastructure.


Govt considering big shake up to justice system

Justice Minister Andrew Little has started the process of reform to New Zealand's criminal justice system - a working group and a summit.


Politics has ‘derailed’ sensible debate on justice reform – Chester Borrows

The chair of a newly created criminal justice reform advisory group says politics has "derailed sensible debate" long enough.


Nurses’ strike has officially started

Around 30,000 nurses across New Zealand will join the nationwide strike today, bringing all non-essential hospital care to a halt.


Surplus funds will not be used to bump up nurses’ offer

The Finance Minister confirmed that negotiations are focused on whether the offer can be “re-organised”.


Union negotiators have gone in too soft, says nurse

Some nurses say the union has not listened to the interests of its members.


Cabinet chaos in UK as Brexit reality bites

An international relations expert says Brexit is "the politics of delusion".


New Zealand is anti-free speech - Lauren Southern

A woman banned from entering the United Kingdom after displaying signs stating “Allah is a gay god” is planning to come to New Zealand.


Bridges on roadshow, meeting New Zealanders

The National Party leader joins Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch to talk about how he is not focusing on bagging the opposition.


The Long Lunch: In case you missed Thursday

In case you missed The long Lunch today, here are some of the best bits from Thursday July 5th 2018.


Govt announces criteria to qualify for KiwiBuild homes

Over 90 percent of households will qualify for the flagship KiwiBuild policy and over 6000 applications have already been submitted.


Prison numbers set to balloon, report claims

The Government has been accused of trying to hide a report claiming the prison population is set to skyrocket.


Disgruntled principals 'welcome to get in touch' - Education Minister

A group of principals took out full-page newspaper ads saying the NCEA review process has been rushed.


MPI was ‘incompetent’ in handling of Psa – Kiwifruit Claim group

Kiwifruit growers could be entitled to hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation after winning a class action.


NZ First wants old drink drive laws back

NZ First MP Darroch Ball says the new lower drink drive limits are targeting the wrong people.


Court ruling says Govt responsible for kiwifruit disease Psa

A landmark court decision has found government negligence led to the spread of the deadly Psa. It could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions.


Ministry of Health accused of ignoring evidence of cannabis benefits

A former Auckland high school teacher has accused the Ministry of Health of suppressing evidence that shows cannabis is actually good for us.


Kiwifruit growers could get millions in payout from Govt

Kiwifruit growers devastated by the vine-killing disease Psa could be entitled to hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation.


Deputy Commissioner Haumaha should never have been appointed - Louise Nicholas

Louise Nicholas says the appointment of Wally Haumaha to the position of Deputy Police Commissioner should never have been allowed to happen.


Labour MP Louisa Wall praises Auckland fuel tax for keeping rates down

A south Auckland-based Labour MP says she "feels wonderful" about the upcoming regional fuel tax.


At least five dead after Maryland newspaper shooting

A shooter has opened fire at the the Capital Gazette newspaper offices south of Baltimore, according to reports.


Economists slam Ministry of Transport fuel tax statistics

The Transport Minister says figures from the ministry prove the wealthy will be hit harder than the poor by the regional fuel tax.