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Sir Bill English submits against assisted dying

"In my view even the supporters of euthanasia should oppose this Bill," Mr English says.


Kiwis have a birthright to buy homes here - Trade Minister

"It's a birthright of New Zealanders to buy homes in New Zealand, not the birthright of overseas people - for them it's a privilege."


Teachers union not negotiating in 'good faith' says Education Minister

Threats of further strike action by teachers has not pleased Education Minister Chris Hipkins.


‘It’s definitely not National’ – Judith Collins on who leaked Bridges' expenses

National MP Judith Collins wants to know who leaked National leader Simon Bridges' roadshow expenses to Newshub.


‘Smear campaign’ underway against National’s leader - Matthew Hooton

This week, leaked documents to Newshub showed Simon Bridges' roadshow spending, adding up to more than $100,000.


John Palino considering a third crack at Auckland Mayoralty

John Palino has signalled intent to run for Auckland Mayor in 2019 – which would mark his third crack at mayoralty.


Should Parliament retain its Maori seats?

The Project's Kanoa Lloyd joined Morning Talk to weigh in on the issue.


Don Brash gives shocking score to John Key-led Government

He scored the former Government even lower than Helen Clark's time in the beehive.


Multiple strikes due to nine year ‘valve of pressure’ – PM

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the primary school teachers’ strike is a culmination of the previous Government's neglect.


Removing the Māori seats: Simon Bridges asks, 'Would it be worth it?'

National has "some sympathy" for ACT's plan to cut the number of MPs and the Māori seats, but isn't sure the hassle would be worth it.


Govt looking at tighter regulations for online porn

Children's Minister Tracey Martin and Chief Censor David Shanks are teaming up to look at what can be done about amount of online porn seen by youth.


The simple reason why Judith Collins won’t delete her fake news tweet

Judith Collins has explained why she hasn't removed her now-infamous fake news tweet.


‘A simple change’: Bill aims to include miscarriages in bereavement leave

The bill clarifies the grounds for bereavement leave, particularly around leave granted for ‘the death of a child’.


Single-use plastic bags on their way out

The Government has announced that single-use plastic bags will be phased out over the next year.


'Mana in Mahi': The Govt's new apprenticeship for the dole scheme

The scheme will apply to young people who have spent six or more months on a benefit.


Bill passes to protect teens from forced marriage

The change has come about because of many stories of young brides forced by their parents to marry for cultural reasons.


Health Minister defends Pharmac model

Health Minister David Clark is wary of side-stepping Pharmac to buy newly developed cancer drugs, following a claim that Kiwis are "missing out".


Politics: Mark Mitchell's future, Judith Collins' fake news attack, Don Brash

Mitch Harris talks with NZ First MP Shane Jones on Mark Mitchell, Judith Collins, Iwi radio funding and the Don Brash free speech issue.


Watch: Don Brash responds to Massey University on air

Vice Chancellor Jan Thomas said “security concerns” were behind the cancellation.


Economy isn’t stumbling, says Prime Minister

Jacinda Ardern has defended her Government's economic management after returning from maternity leave.


Is the construction sector in crisis?

Was the collapse of Ebert construction a sign New Zealand's construction sector is in trouble?


Bridges no 'bright shiny thing', playing the 'long game'

The latest TVNZ-Colmar Brunton preferred Prime Minister poll had the National Party leader on 10 percent.


Economy 'still doing pretty well' - Grant Robertson

Business confidence is down and two building firms have gone under in the past week - but Grant Robertson says don't panic.


Dybvig: Does Ivanka Trump know anything about her mother?

John Dybvig shares his take on the latest news of the week from the United States.


Simon Bridges 'turned on' by politics early

The National Party leader sat down with RadioLIVE to share his career story so far.


Weekend Life: In case you missed Sunday

In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits from Weekend Life with Trudi Nelson on Sunday 5th August.


Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux speak out after cancellation of event

They’re controversial, they’ve divided the nation, they’ve been described as racist, sexist, bigoted, Nazi sympathisers and white supremacists.


Judith Collins gives advice to new mum Jacinda Ardern

Judith Collins says if Jacinda Ardern needs a day off being Prime Minister, she should take it.


Decriminalising cannabis will reduce synthetic drug deaths – professor

It has been revealed that between 40 and 45 people have likely died from synthetic drugs since last June.


Winston's fat jibe 'simply bad manners' - psychologist

A psychologist says his comment was nothing less than bullying.


Strike will show teachers 'mean business' - principal

It'll be the first full-day strike by primary school teachers in 24 years.


Govt prioritised tertiary education over primary school teachers – Nikki Kaye

Primary school teachers are asking for $350 million per year, which Nikki Kaye suggests could have been paid twice over.


Convicted rapist deemed too obese for Kaikōura prison

The high cost of hospital care has rubbed some taxpayers the wrong way.


‘Serious disappointment’: Winston Peters on teachers strike extension

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peter has called news primary school teachers will extend a planned strike to a full day "hugely disappointing".


Duncan Garner apologises to Acting PM Winston Peters

Duncan Garner and Winston Peters finally make amends on his final day as Acting Prime Minister.


Economy in 'transition period' - Finance Minister

Business confidence has plummeted to its lowest level in a decade, a new survey has found.


Fewer sanctions, more people on the dole - Simon Bridges

Simon Bridges says more Kiwis are on the dole because the Government has eased up on sanctions on beneficiaries.


'Govt needs to step up' - Dentist calls for subsidies

Dr Scott Waghorn told The AM Show dentists across the country would love to provide cheaper care.


What is New Zealand's future?

Journalist Tim Watkin discusses his new book, The Big Questions: What is New Zealand’s future?


Verbal attacks on Fonterra ‘atrocious’ - National MP Nathan Guy

Nathan Guy is not impressed by the attacks made on Fonterra's leadership in June.