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$80k of taxpayer money spent on a report that was never written

A working group was formed to solve the problem of taxing water for export, but no report was ever written.

3 hours ago

Petition calls on Parliament to ban gay conversion therapy

The youth sections of the Labour and Green Parties are calling for the ban of gay conversion therapy.

7 hours ago

Doctors urge Government to respond to national syphilis outbreak

Without treatment, there can be serious and sometimes fatal complications for babies.

7 hours ago

Religious relics inspire faith - expert

A new study suggests the Shroud of Turin, a religious relic, is most likely a medieval fake.

10 hours ago

Drivers of electric vehicles may soon lose their ‘range anxiety’

Drivers of electric vehicles won't have to worry so much about running out of juice for much longer.


Staggering number of submissions received on Zero Carbon Bill

Around 10,000 people and organisations have expressed their view on the proposed 2050 carbon-neutral target.


'Dangerous precedent' will be set if lawsuit is lost - free speech group

The Free Speech Coalition has launched legal action against Auckland Council for banning right-wing speakers from a Council venue.


Warrior’s doctor speaks out on Mannering’s departure

John Mayhew, former physician to the All Blacks and current doctor to the Warriors joins Leah Panapa in for James Coleman.


Auckland Council facing legal action over speaker ban

A Free Speech Coalition has filed legal papers against Phil Goff's ban of controversial Canadian speakers from council venues.


World condemns Trump's praise for Putin

The President's press conference comments were labelled "nothing short of treasonous".


Kiwi business hails four-day work week trial

A four-day working week sounds like a dream for most, but for some lucky Kiwi employees it's become a reality.


Poor are giving money they don’t have to church - Councillor

An Auckland councillor says churches in his area need to re-think the way they tithe low income residents.


I'm a farmer's wife - not a farmer, says woman who lives on farm

Louise Giltrap is the wife of a Northland farmer and can do most things on a farm, but not everything.


Police disappointed in Govt’s move to cut mental health assistance

The Government has been slammed for ending a plan to send mental health workers out with police.


Hundreds of thousands of KiwiSavers missed out on $1b - advisors

A group of financial advisors claim that some 440,000 KiwiSavers have missed out on approximately $1 billion over the last six years.

homework student writing school

Less homework allows more time to become well-rounded, says principal

One Auckland primary school has scrapped homework altogether for its students.


Trump supporters ‘polarised’ following his denial of Russian collusion

Donald Trump is facing one of the greatest tests of his presidency, according to Newshub correspondent Lloyd Burr.


‘Broken’ mental health system will take time to rebuild – Health Minister

Dr David Clark said the extra $200 million the Govt has put into existing services is a big step towards their goal.


New Zealand 'no chance' of being predator free by 2050

Former PM John Key said it was the most ambitious conservation project in the world, but experts say it is not possible.


US children should be home schooled - mother

The mother of a girl killed in a Texas school shooting says taking kids out of school might be the only answer to avoiding senseless killings.


Statue proposed for Bastion Point

A statue of Papatuanuku that would stand at Bastion Point has been conceived and partially funded.


'Truly pathetic': Duncan Garner blasts Simon Bridges

Mr Bridges didn't approve of the Health Minister's absence during the nurses' strike.


National leader Simon Bridges slams Govt's 'stealth cuts'

Police have had to dump a proposal to send mental workers on crisis callouts.


Weekend Life: In case you missed Sunday

In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits from Weekend Life with Carly Flynn in for Trudi Nelson.


Was the nurses' strike really worth it?

Around 30,000 nurses walked off the job on Thursday, but as yet there is no end to the turmoil.


Gay man says conversion therapy 'didn't feel right'

Former Exclusive Brethren member Craig Hoyle was sent to gay conversion therapy in Sydney when he was 18 years old.


Relying on public to reduce obesity called ‘simplistic'

Does the Government need to step in to tackle obesity?


TeenAg winners the future of Young Farmers

St. Bede's College students Angus Grant and Nick O'Connor were this year's TeenAg winners.


Farmers ‘frustrated’ with animal welfare claims fired at pork industry

NZ Pork calls Farmwatch's video footage misleading, where mating stalls are insinuated to be compromising animal welfare.


Largest sex survey ever reveals common sexual fantasies

The world’s largest sex survey ever reveals our common - and not so common - sexual desires.