VIDEO: Auckland Police release CCTV footage after multiple bike thefts in Newmarket

Police have released footage of bike thieves in action on the Auckland City District Police Facebook page, as bike thefts continue in central Auckland. The CCTV footage is being released as Police continue to encourage cyclists to invest in a D-lock type of lock, that can’t be snipped in seconds with bolt cutters.

In recent weeks, Police have experienced a surge in bikes being stolen from public places in central Auckland.

The footage was filmed in the past few weeks on Broadway in Newmarket, which is a busy road with high volumes of both foot and vehicle traffic. As seen in the footage, it takes just seconds for anything that isn’t a solid D-lock device to be snipped with bolt cutters.

“Lots of the bikes that get stolen are worth hundreds to thousands of dollars, but when it comes to the lock, we often find owners are using a $20 lock that is easy to snip” says Acting Inspector Graeme Anderson of Auckland City Police.

“We’re doing our very best to catch these offenders and to prevent this from happening in the first place, but it’s a constant battle and we need bike owners to help us by making it hard for the criminals” he says.