VIDEO: All Black great Bryan 'BG' Williams joins Mark Sainsbury in studio

Before Beauden Barrett and Christian Cullen, one of the biggest sensations ever to hit rugby came in 1970 when 19 year-old Samoan Bryan 'BG' Williams came on the scene.

His first game for the All Blacks was during the controversial 1970's tour to South Africa. Playing for the first time alongside stars of the '60s and his idols Colin Meads, Brian Lachore, Chris Laidlaw and Fergie McCormick was daunting enough, so going to apartheid South Africa was doubly daunting. He was petrified.

"Apartheid is an abhorrent system, but I guess I always felt there was two ways of dealing with it. The protest movement obviously was very effective and I applaud that, but by going there as one of four coloured players, for want of a better term, or 'honorary whites' as they labelled us, we were able to illustrate that we could compete very favourably with them, and in some cases out-do them, so I felt justified in that regard. The honorary white did alright".

Did being an All Black set him up for life? "Back in those days you'd collect your 10 Rand 50. You'd buy a packet of razor blades and maybe one beer. That was it."

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