WINSTON PETERS: Immigration flood bringing in some rotten eggs

With National’s open door immigration policy, it’s inevitable a few bad eggs will slip into the country.

In the past week one of these immigrants Mohamed Shakeel Siddiqui pleaded guilty to four charges of deception and forgery. Siddiqui, 55, claimed to be a psychiatrist when he wasn’t.

His lies and deception landed him a plum high-paying psychiatrist’s job with the Waikato District Health Board. He had three references. All of them were fake.

It took six months until he was found out and sacked.

This same week the case of Vivek Goel hit the headlines. Goel has been assets manager with the Westland District Council.
It transpired he was instrumental in a contract to upgrade water treatment sewage plants at Whataroa and Kumara being awarded to a cake decorator who operated a cake shop just north of Auckland and had a company called Techno Economic Services.

It takes a stretch of the imagination to think a cake decorator would know much about sewage plants and how to upgrade them.

Also, the cake decorator, Neha Bubna, was only one of a number of people chasing the contract with other tenders coming in from New Zealand and overseas.

With the contract awarded, work was supposed to start soon and the Westland District Council declared proudly on its website: “This is good news in particular for the Kumara community, who have had a boil water notice in place for much of January and some of February.”

It’s bad news now for the locals who could be boiling their water for some time to come. The work will be delayed.

It’s bad news for Vivek Goel also. He has been stood down while the Serious Fraud Office investigates contracts he awarded over three years.

These cases are the direct outcome of National’s rampant immigration.

It is clear some foreign nationals coming to New Zealand are bringing their corrupt practices with them.

And we haven’t even touched on the subject of thousands of migrants desperate to get citizenship here who are being exploited by their own nationals in this country.