WINSTON PETERS: Cards stacked against good keen Kiwis

If an advertisement for 26 WorkSafe jobs gets 4000 applications, as one applicant discovered in the reject email they received then the law of supply and demand in the New Zealand workforce is totally out of kilter.

The 3974 good keen New Zealanders who missed out on these jobs will feel downcast. Everyone does when they get a rejection letter.

Rejection means that they have to start over again, find a new job advertisement, rejig their CV, submit it, wait and wait. Then, just maybe, they might get an interview. All that time there’s no wage coming in.

The advertisement was for 26 jobs as health and safety workers around the country, and training was offered.

Obviously there were 4000 people who were keen to work. That flies in the face of the Prime Minister’s comments that New Zealanders can’t get jobs because they’re on drugs.

Not long ago he also labelled them “lazy”.

Sure, there will be some people who don’t want to work, others who have taken to drugs, but they are not the majority of New Zealanders.

There are 91,000 young people listed as being out of work, and not in any kind of education or training. Thousands more are registered as unemployed. Thousands more are stuck working a few hours when they desperately want full time jobs. Others do seasonal work.

Among the 4000 applicants will be some immigrants. They too don’t find it easy to get a job.

Why has the National government set up so many people, including thousands from off shore, to compete against each other here in New Zealand? It’s unfair on all.

Mr English cannot flippantly claim that immigration, at 71,300 net a year, is not seriously affecting New Zealanders’ job chances and future promotion.

He’s got tunnel vision on this and listening only to the anecdotal evidence of a few employers who moan to him about lazy, good for nothing Kiwis. If that’s the only people they see as applicants there is something very wrong with the way they advertise their jobs.

Does Mr English thinks that the 3974 who have missed out as employed H & S workers are all on drugs and lazy? Because that’s the clear conclusion from his comments.

It most certainly should not push immigration through the roof and make life so difficult for Kiwi job seekers. It’s time to be fair. That means cutting net immigration to about 10,000 a year and ensuring that we bring skilled workers in, as smart nations do while retaining employment opportunities for local people.