VAUGHN DAVIS: TLDL 20th March - step into my (virtual) office, big news for small hands and more

Vaughn Davis: TLDL (Too Long, Didn't Listen) Monday 20th March 2017

Google Street View is a cool way to place yourself on the street and see the view from pretty much anywhere in the world. But why stop there? Google Indoor Street View lets you wander into art galleries, museums and even banks to get a perspective you might otherwise have to be invited in to see.

ASB was one of the first companies in New Zealand to do this, and taking a virtual tour around their fairly-new Auckland headquarters is a fun way to waste a few minutes. (Sadly, though, you can look as hard as you like but you won’t spot anyone you know… they must have all been out that day.)

We’re not all banks, though, so the great news is that now any business – your restaurant, motel, or whatever – can get a 360-degree walkthrough done and loaded to Street View. Google helpfully lists providers around the world able to do this for you, including a bunch in New Zealand .

App of the Week: Be My Eyes

We weren’t planning to discuss this on air last night but an alert appeared on my phone reminding me how cool it is. Be My Eyes connects sighted smartphone users to others with vision impairment via a video call. The person needing help points their camera at whatever they need information about, and the helper answers their question. Last November, for example, I helped a woman in the States cooking her Thanksgiving turkey with setting a dial on her turkey cooker (they’re a thing!). There are far more helpers than users though, so you need to be super-quick to answer a request in time.

iPhone tip of the week: especially if you have small hands!

This one was inspired by an unnamed someone in the Newshub who was complaining that his tiny thumb didn’t reach easily to the top of his big phone screen…

Just double-tap the round Home button at the bottom of your phone and the entire screen image will slide down into easy reach, so you can tap the top buttons on whichever app you’re in. Double-tap again and it returns to the usual position. Give it a try if you haven’t heard of it!