VAUGHN DAVIS: TLDL 14th March - Hold it right there: your phone just dobbed you in to your bank!

Sunday Social 14/03/2017
VAUGHN DAVIS: TLDL (Too Long Didn't Listen) 14th March 2017

Hold it right there: your phone just dobbed you in to your bank!

Through a curious chain of circumstances I have been invited over the last few weeks to visit almost all the major banks to see what they’re up to on the innovation front. (Summary: wow those guys are REALLY into Post-It notes.) One of the more impressive things I heard about was a proposed joint venture with an Israeli firm intended to detect when someone else is using your phone to log in on your banking app.

How does it work? By using your phone’s motion sensor to detect when someone else is holding it. Turns out left and right handedness and the way we tap our screens can be used to build up a picture of whether it’s really us requesting that $100,000 transfer to Nigeria… cool huh?

Honey, they hacked the printer!

We’re (mostly) careful about making sure our computers are running antivirus software but what about all those other things in our houses connected to the internet? Last week it was teddy bears; this week it’s printers. A UK teen reportedly exploited a vulnerability in 160,000 internet-connected printers last week and instructed them to print a message boasting about what he’d done. While no harm was done in this case (other than a few trees chopped down to make those 160,000 A4 pages) it could have been worse: internet-connected devices can be used in “bot net” attacks, taking down websites by sheer volume of log-in requests. My advice: unplug everything and move to a cabin in the woods.

Politecho shows you where your social media skews

If Trump and Brexit taught us one thing it’s that the world we see on social media is not the same as the world outside our windows. We self-select our online communities, and the resulting skew is known as the “filter bubble.”

It’s pretty hard to shake… but understanding it and seeing which way yours skews is a start. This Google Chrome Extension called Politecho can help, by analysing your social media feeds and plotting their content on a graph from liberal to conservative. Worth a look before you get surprised by yet another election result!