Motoring guru Dave Moore answers some listeners questions

Every Tuesday morning between 11:30am and midday, Dave Moore joins Mark Sainsbury to talk the latest in motoring. Listeners are invited to call at this time and ask their car-related questions.

Here are a couple of answers to recent listeners questions.

Smaller car for wheelchairs

Q - We have a relative with a wheelchair who is not capable of getting into and out of a vehicle unless she can enter, exit and then drive the car while in the wheelchair. She is entitled to financial support, but most of the vehicles she has seen which she could use are far too big for her needs. The locally re-fettled Skoda Yeti looked interesting, but has not yet been approved. Any suggestions?

A - Yes, it's a shame the Yeti can't get local traction, though we've a feeling it will in the end. In the meantime, the wee Toyota FunCargo - a tall, spacious derivative of the Echo/Yaris is available in Japan with a conversion kit that allows a drive-in drive out wheelchair arrangement. It's a reliable car with several companies in Japan making conversions for the model. We're not sure if a used car will get the same government support, but have discovered that a low-mileage FunCargo with a conversion could be had well under $10,000. We made enquiries of two local used car importers who'd be able to pursue such a car for you.

Low rolling resistance tyres

Q - We're seeing a lot of adds for low resistance tyres and the like to help with fuel economy and emissions. Are they any good and do they make any difference.

A - Yes they do work and yes, they do make a difference. However, there's a lot any car owner can do to make more of a difference. Things like driving properly, leaving things out of the boot unless you are actually delivering them, removing roof racks and coffin carriers when they are not needed and inflating tyres correctly. It also pays to be sparing with air conditioning and not holding on in the gears too long when driving. Then there's swapping your automatic for a manual, they're all ways of saving on fuel. After all those gains, and if you have the several hundred dollars you'll need, that's the time you should to look at an expensive set of new tyres, but not if you've a few years left in the old ones.