MIKE ROKE: Human rights? Yeah right!


Why are we pandering to the vanity of a convicted paedophile and murderer? Phillip John Smith has not had his human rights violated when his toupee was taken away. He is simply being punished for the heinous crime he committed.

It is an outrage that this scumbag gets in the headlines again because he doesn't like being bald. I'm sorry Mr. Smith, but whether you have that wig on or not, you are still bald. Instead of crying about your human rights, you should be sitting in silence and serving your time. If you had any respect for your victims at all, that's exactly what you would be doing. But you don't have any of that because you are the very definition of evil.

It angers me how soft we are on our most serious offenders sometimes. I'm not saying that we should go all Rodrigo Duterte on them - but surely three meals a day, a bit of exercise, a shower, a toilet and a bed is all we have to give the worst of our worst?

Phillip John Smith is missing his hairpiece and struggles with self confidence without it? I say good riddance.

Maybe that's a bit harsh, so how about this? Instead of wasting taxpayer money on this ridiculous court case, maybe we could have stumped up with some therapy (at a fraction of the cost) to help Mr. Smith cope with his self esteem issues.

Help him embrace his baldness. Make him see himself as distinguished and wise. Maybe even give him a positive spin on how he doesn’t need to use shampoo anymore.

I heard a RadioLIVE caller say recently that a society should be judged by how they treat their worst - and I agree with that. But this is not ill treatment. Smith did not have each individual hair plucked from his scalp as some form of torture. He went bald all by himself.

This decision is a complete joke. No human rights were violated. This is a vain man who doesn't want to go quietly, and saw another opportunity to get his name in the news.

And we let him.