DUNCAN GARNER: Stop naming and glorifying terrorists

We now know the identity of the attacker who killed three people and injured dozens more in central London - but I'm choosing not to speak his name.

Humans have names. Monsters can stay as faceless, delusional cowards as far as I'm concerned.

Don't give evil any more limelight.

I reckon we should take a stand against glorifying and naming this guy, this evil scum.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May says this attack was inspired – if that's the word at all – by a "warped Islamic ideology" – that's an understatement.

He was British-born and some years ago had been investigated for violent extremism.

These kinds of people want their name in lights, they want the glory of going out saying "We're fighting the evil west."

I know it's tricky given our role as the news media but I personally don't intend to know his name or say his name.

I'd like the international community – the media and the authorities – not to release terrorists' names publicly.

Don't give them the platform.

A listener made a really good point on the show this morning: You can't mention that someone committed suicide in case other people think it's something they could do, yet it's ok to make martyrs of the terrorists. Where is the logic in all of this?

Let's name those killed, because they're the heroes here:

Policeman Keith Palmer, with number 933 on his shoulder. He confronted this attacker, and was brutally stabbed. He's a dad and he's a husband.

Aysha Frade, age 43 – a mother of two kids. She was doing the school pickup run when she was mowed down and killed.

US tourist Kurt Cochran was also killed on the bridge. He was on a dream holiday with his wife – this was their 25th wedding anniversary trip.

Let's keep the spotlight on the victims, let's never again glorify and name these attackers.

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