VAUGHN DAVIS: 'TLDL - Dirty laundry: there’s an app for that'


TLDL (Too Long, Didn't Listen) - Monday 27th Feb 2017

Dirty laundry: there’s an app for that

I quite enjoy doing the washing, I enjoy using my military training with the iron and ironing board and I LOVE putting the washing on the line to dry.

This app, then, isn’t for me. It might be for you though… Laundromap will collect your dirty undies, shirts and whatever from your (Auckland) home or office, wash or dry clean it then deliver it back all pressed and clean.

It’s a re-skinned (uses the same basic software) version of a UK app and launched at Christmastime. Prices start at $22.50 for 5 shirts, so if you’re well-dressed but lazy, give Laundromap a crack. Enter SUNDAYSOCIAL in the voucher field and you’ll even get 25% off!


Stop… app time!

One of the most dangerous things about shopping on Amazon is its “one click” feature… one click of the mouse and that book, collectible toy or Hello Kitty personal massager it on its way to your doorstep.

Amazon Contemplate is a browser plugin designed to save you from your own impulses, by adding a 30 second pause when you click “Buy now” to give you the chance to pull out.

I quite like this idea, and can imagine a bunch of other uses for it:

Email contemplate: pops up when it detects lots of capital letters and swear words in emails to your boss

Tinder contemplate: adds a 30sec delay to “swipe right” when your phone detects you’ve been in a bar for more than 30 minutes (or however it usually takes you to drink two beers)

Facebook share contemplate: gives you 30 seconds to work out if that “news” story you’re about to share with the world it actually legit.

Hey robot, send my Nigerian cousin some money

Chatbots are a big deal, and done well they could replace apps, complicated websites or even human customer service staff for lots of companies. UK foreign exchange startup TransferWise has gotten into the game… and it’s a great example of the difference between talking to a human and talking to a computer programme. Here’s what happened when I tried to transfer a million swiss francs to a friend in Australia (disclaimer: I have neither of those things)

Te Atatu house

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