Riverhead quarry attack: Police release video with car at the scene

Overnight Police have received several calls from members of the public with information, and this is being assessed and followed up on by the enquiry team.

The footage shows the car entering a quarry area next to a Timber yard on Sawmill Road in Riverhead at 1.45am. At 2.01am, the car leaves again, this time at speed.

“We believe it is highly likely that the victim is inside this car and possibly unconscious when the car enters the quarry. We are consulting with automotive experts as to the possible make and model of this car, but we want to hear from anyone who may recognise this vehicle” says Detective Senior Sergeant Kim Libby, Waitemata Police.

The victim is still recovering from her ordeal and is speaking further with Detectives today. She was out with friends in Ponsonby prior to the attack and does not recall anything from the time she was with her friends until the time that she woke up in the quarry.

Forensic tests have been taken to determine whether the offender has drugged or stupefied the victim.

Police are still working to identify and locate the man seen talking to the victim outside the Mobil station on the corner of Ponsonby and K Roads earlier in the evening.

“This man is still the last person who has spoken to our victim before she has been attacked. This man may well be innocent but equally, we have to work on the strong possibility that this man could also be the man driving that car into the quarry. I am asking the public to consider whether they know anyone who fits the description of this man, who drives a car that looks like this, or someone who has access to a car that looks like this” says Det Snr Sgt Kim Libby.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the enquiry team on 021 191 4085.

Private messages can also be sent to the Waitemata Police Facebook page.

“No piece of information is too small. We are determined to find the person responsible for this terrible crime and I can reassure everyone that our enquiry team are doing everything we can to identify and locate this offender” says Det Snr Sgt Libby.