DAVE MOORE: Mustang Sallies Forth - EcoBoost four a valid choice and not slow at all

I’ve been enjoying the four-pot Mustang this week and have just returned from some fun through Canterbury's twisting foothills. Several gorges cut through the countryside and the roads that access them and plot a serpentine route, flattering good cars and chiding those less than worthy. "What, only a four? P'cha!"

Yebbut, this particular four gathers up more than 310bhp - that's right, 38 more than a four-barrel 289 V8 did all those years ago.

How? Twin scroll turbocharging, that's how. It delivers a broad, flat torque curve that shovels out plenty of go on when you step on it – as Mustang owners do. So don't pooh-pooh this four-pot Mustang and paint it as the same as those awful Pinto-powered machines 40 odd years ago, it's quick, easier on gas and the only other Ford to use this 2.3 block is the RS Focus - a legend in its own right and our 2016 Performance Car of the Year.

The trick is that power and torque come on stream much more quickly than traditional single scroll turbos, with boost response that is tightly linked to throttle position, along with added benefits of lower emissions and improved turbine efficiency.

Ford says that iDesigned to meet the needs of drivers looking for outstanding performance with fuel efficiency, the large plenum tapered runner intake manifold and divided split-pulse “twin scroll†turbocharger housing are optimized to provide better breathing and higher output in Mustang.

To learn more about the results of monoscroll VS twinscroll –
The right-hand-drive Mustang has now enjoyed its first full calendar year on the New Zealand market, and it is an irrefutable success. On the fast-growing Kiwi market the Mustang has several times been Ford's best-selling passenger car during 2016. Of course a lot of this has been a case of more than 50 years of pent-up demand but outselling Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo is ridiculous.

New Zealanders have wanted Mustangs since the model's inception and over the years many have been imported privately - with the wheel on the wrong side. Some have been expensively modified for RHD, to the extent that many of them reduced bank accounts by more than $NZ100,000!

For a hot to trot 2017 Mustang, the EcoBoost Fastback the same as I drove the starting price is $ 59,880. The EcoBoost Convertible is $ 64,880. The Fastback V8 is priced from $77,880.

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