DUNCAN GARNER: Keep child-killer Shailer in jail longer


Child-killer Tania Shailer should have her jail sentence extended given her latest actions, which I find despicable and sickening.

Shailer, who jointly tortured and killed three-year-old Moko Rangitoheriri, should not be allowed to appeal her sentence.

But she can - that's our system.

David Haerewa also appealed his sentence on Friday - and told his lawyer not to speak to media.

The Judge presiding over the appeal should now throw the book at Shailer and give her her marching orders.

Unbelievably, Shailer is trying to justify the brutal killing of Moko by arguing she was driven to violence by Moko's bad behaviour, therefore, she shouldn't have to spend up to 17 years in prison.

What? I know. Can you believe this?

I find her latest attitude insulting, cold and callous.

Nothing justifies killing children. Her latest excuse is pathetic.

Shailer is trying to game and play the justice system after pleading guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter.

It has finally dawned on this dimwit Shailer, herself a mother of 4, that she's in jail for a long time and is now trying to find an out.

Because our system allows for an appeal, we need to let this go ahead.

So let's allow her her day in court, at our cost, and then finally get the sentence right. Let's send her to jail for life.

This was murder anyway - so let's finally give her a sentence that reflects the brutality of all this.

Shailer should be spending decades inside prison. That would be justice. I just wish our judges would and could do this.

Here's hoping.