Rural Exchange was at Fieldays 2018!

Events 08/06/2018

RadioLIVE’s Rural Exchange hosts headed to Hamilton from 13-16 June for one of New Zealand’s most iconic events of the year.

People by the thousands headed to Fieldays 2018 for a chance to both see and experience the best of New Zealand’s agricultural and primary sector.

Who better to cover Fieldays than our very own Rural Exchange co-hosts? Hamish McKay, Sarah Perriam and Richard Loe joined the fun while keeping you in the loop on all things Fieldays.

Here’s what we did:

  • An update from Rural Exchange every hour on RadioLIVE.
  • Coverage of everything from events to the latest gear.
  • Interviews with industry leaders, competition winners, and more!
  • A chance to win a set of new tyres for your vehicle! The Rural Exchange team will race to see who can change a tyre the quickest. Enter to win by simply guessing which host will take home the winning title.

For all Fieldays coverage, be sure to tune in to RadioLIVE and follow Rural Exchange on Facebook.

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