Rural Exchange was at Fieldays 2018!

Events 08/06/2018

RadioLIVE’s Rural Exchange hosts headed to Hamilton from 13-16 June for one of New Zealand’s most iconic events of the year.

People by the thousands headed to Fieldays 2018 for a chance to both see and experience the best of New Zealand’s agricultural and primary sector.

Who better to cover Fieldays than our very own Rural Exchange co-hosts? Hamish McKay, Sarah Perriam and Richard Loe joined the fun while keeping you in the loop on all things Fieldays.

Here’s what we did:

  • An update from Rural Exchange every hour on RadioLIVE.
  • Coverage of everything from events to the latest gear.
  • Interviews with industry leaders, competition winners, and more!
  • A chance to win a set of new tyres for your vehicle! The Rural Exchange team had a race to see who could change a tyre the quickest. 

For all Fieldays coverage, be sure to tune in to RadioLIVE and follow Rural Exchange on Facebook.

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