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Rural Exchange 15/03/2018

You don’t have to attend every event to keep informed! Rural Exchange 
has partnered with CEDA to give you the chance to hear every word from this year's ASB Perspective 2025.

This year, six female industry leaders discuss the future of food production:

Is creativity the core element in transforming New Zealand’s food producers?

A growing number of new, innovative and tasty New Zealand-made products are lining supermarket shelves and are being exported around the world, giving consumers more options than ever.

But what guarantees a product’s success both here and overseas? Is it the product, its production, the story, understanding who the consumers are and how the product works for them, the marketing techniques, or market strategies?

Listen to the event streaming from midday Thursday on Rova's REX 24/7 Channel 93.
The event will be streaming for 48 hours, so there's plenty of time to get involved with one of the most important events in NZ Agri Business.

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