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Can we make jokes about the Holocaust?

In this documentary an intriguing conversation emerges over where to draw the line between bad taste and bad jokes.


Ruby Chen - Plastic China

Documentary Edge Festival. Ruby Chen, producer of Plastic China, which focuses on two families living amongst a mountain of plastic waste.


VIDEO: Doc Edge 2017 Executive Director Dan Shanan in studio

David Slack is joined in studio by Dan Shanan, Executive Director of Doc Edge 2017, to talk on the success of the festival which runs until June 5th.


VIDEO: Footage from opening night of Auckland's Doc Edge Festival 2017

The Doc Edge Festival 2017 in Auckland runs until the 5th of June at the Q Theatre. The biopic 'Whitney, Can I Be Me?' featured on opening night.


Nick Broomfield's documentary about one of the greatest singers of all time

Whitney: Can I Be Me? had its New Zealand premiere at Doc Edge, now Nick Broomfield joins Ali Mau to talk about how Whitney wasn't free to be herself.


Documentary looks at the social stigma of single women in China

Fallen Flowers, Thick Leaves is an intimate look at the sexual politics of women in Beijing, a society dogged by tradition.


VIDEO: 'Whitney: Can I Be Me' director in NZ for Doc Edge festival

Duncan Garner talks with Nick Broomfield, director of documentary 'Whitney: Can I Be Me', which is playing now at the Doc Edge Festival 2017.


Oscar-winning Director in NZ for Doc Edge Festival

Oscar-winning director Kirk Simon is in NZ with his film 'The Pulitzer at 100', which looks at the extraordinary people behind the honour.


RadioLIVE is proud to support Whitney: Can I Be Me?

Shaped to be one of the world’s most popular female vocalists, Whitney Houston had it all. Yet she wasn't free to be herself.


The Workers Cup

The Workers Cup looks inside Qatar’s labour camp where the FIFA World Cup 2022 is being built on the backs of over million-plus migrant workers.


Controversial paleo chef Pete Evans' new documentary

Pete Evans' new documentary The Magic Pill asks "what if modern diseases are really symptoms of the same problem?"


At the Movies: Documentary special

In this documentary special James reviews some of the newest docos on the market from NZ and abroad


Teens are spending up to 6 hours a day looking at screens

Director Delaney Ruston's 'Screenagers' takes a look at how we can empower our kids to best navigate the digital world.


Documentary Edge Festival: Tamil Stories

Documentary Edge Festival. Director of Tamil Stories, Tim Swanson. The conflict between Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka still goes on. Tamil refugees in New Zealand tell their stories


Doc Edge highlights - At The Movies with James Croot

James describes some of the highlights of the Doc Edge Festival including Brightlights, The Cinema Travellers, SuperGirl, This is Everything and Whitney, Can I Be Me.


Doc Edge highlights - At The Movies with James Croot

James describes some of the highlights of the Doc Edge Festival including The Last Laugh, what is taboo in comedy?


"Be gallant, be great, be gracious, and be grateful"

Doc Edge highlights: Jake Bailey's famous speech as head boy of Christchurch Boys High School not only went viral, it changed his life.


Cars, mattresses, and trips across India: At the Movies with James Croot

Cinemaphile James Croot has seen the latest cinema releases and joins Mitch to give his honest opinion of some much anticipated blockbusters.


Eccentric, complicated love of a Hollywood mother and daughter

Doc Edge spotlight: Bright Lights; on December 27, 2016 Hollywood starlet Carrie Fisher died. In a strange twist of fate, her famous actress mother Debbie Reynolds also passed away just two days later.


A life of perpetual peril in pursuit of the perfect image

Doc Edge spotlight: A Good Day to Die - Hoka Hey, the life of British conflict photographer Jason P. Howe.


First look at the 2017 Doc Edge Festival

Doc Edge Film Festival Director Dan Shannan joins Graeme Hill to talk about what's to come in this year's festival.