Strange Societies

Strange Societies- Governments

In the wake of our general election classics Prof. Matthew Trundle describes how ancient thinkers wrestled with the problems of how to rule and how to


Strange Societies 8- Rome

This week Rome uncovered by Classics Professor Matthew Trundle.


Strange Societies 7 - Etruscans

This week we uncover the enigmatic and mysterious life of the Etruscans.


Strange Societies 6 - Akhenaten’s Armana

This “lost” pharaoh of Egypt turned their world upside down. Matthew Trundle, Classics Dept AK Uni describes this strange time and strange pharaoh.


Strange Societies 5 - The Bronze Age Collapse

This week Prof Matthew Trundle describes one of the strangest and spookiest times in ancient history - The Bronze Age Collapse.


Strange Societies 4 - Sumerians

The oldest cities on Earth through to the Height of Babylon. What made them tick with Classics Professor Matthew Trundle.


Strange Societies 3 - Minoans

This week Classics Professor Matthew Trundle describes the mysterious ancient civilisation known as The Minoans of Crete.


Strange Societies 2 - Sparta 500BC

This week the brutal and plain weird Spartans of ancient Greece described by Classics Professor Matthew Trundle.


Strange Societies 1 - The very first democracy Athens 508BC

Classics Professor Matthew Trundle describes this astounding society whose legacy is much of what we take for granted about civilization.