Secret Museums of New Zealand

Secret Museums. The UK Pooseum

For the first time in this series Graeme is compelled to go offshore for the opening of the National British Museum of Poo. Graeme speaks with the director of the UK's Number Two Museum, Charlotte Corney.


The Tawhiti Museum

The Tawhiti Museum is a truly unique enterprise. The creation of artist Nigel Ogle, its attention to detail is simply stunning. Widely acclaimed as the best private museum in the country, the museum uses life size exhibits and scale models to present our heritage in a series of super realistic and engaging displays.


Secret Museums of New Zealand - Matakohe Kauri Museum

This week a Northland institution and jewel, the Matakohe Kauri Museum. How big did Kauri get? This big.


Secret Museum Of New Zealand: Regrets

Curator Sam McKenna shows us around the collection of regrets just off Cumberland St in Dunedin, New Zealand.


Secret Museums Of New Zealand: Crown Lynn

Finn McCahon Jones walks us through this repository of iconic ceramics in New Lynn, the home of the Crown Lynn factory


Secret Museums of New Zealand

Clapham’s Clock Museum in Whangarei. The sounds of time. The museum offers visitors some of the more unusual time pieces that have been created.


Secret Museums Of New Zealand

Curator Patsy Montgomery from the Waipu Museum shares some history of the museum and its connection with the Highland Scots.


Secret Museums of New Zealand: The Lesbian Museum

Graeme speaks with curator and long time activist and author Miriam Saphira.


Secret Museums Of New Zealand. Auckland Medical School

People’s fate in jars, from crushed vertebra to suicides. The Medical School learning centre is the repository of very important material from real people


Secret Museums Of New Zealand - The Cannabis Museum

This week the Whakamana Cannabis Museum 66 David St Caversham Dunedin Open 10am - 4pm Every Day. Museum director Abe Grey tells us what it's all about.


Secret Museums of New Zealand. The Computer Museum

Graeme explores Auckland University's Computer Museum, including the university’s first, the now ridiculously cumbersome and cantankerous IBM 1620 (pictured with Prof Bob Doran))


Secret museums of New Zealand - University of Auckland Zoology Museum

Graeme heads back to his old haunt the University of Auckland's Zoology Museum in this week's Secret Museum of New Zealand.


Secret museums of New Zealand - Huia Settlers' Museum

Secret Museums Of New Zealand. This week Graeme visits the Huia Settlers’ Museum, home of fascinating stuff and also houses a great deal of artefacts from New Zealand’s worst maritime disaster, the Wreck of The Orpheus, February 7 1863


Secret Museums of New Zealand. The National Police Museum Porirua

This week Graeme showcases the National Police Museum in Porirua. Started in 1908 it has only been open to the public since 1998, featuring some grim exhibits as well as celebrating the NZ Police Force over more than a century.