Why slide bait fishing is the best way to catch Kingfish

The Fishing Show 26/01/2018

Steve Reed has been out fishing twice this week in Wellington, and Kingfish are looking like the big catch at the moment. John and Mal caught up with Steve to discuss the best spots in Wellington and the best techniques.

Steve says that although Oriental Bay is the most famous spot in Wellington, Eastbourne is a super under-rated fishing location.

He also goes into the popular new 'Slide Baiting' method that proves highly effective on windy days, and the guys can't comprehend why it isn't more popular up north seeing as it works so well.

The lads also discuss the motivational difficulties of top water fishing, Wellington's fantastic weather and the popularity of kayak fishing.

Steve's parting message? There is no excuse to not go fishing this weekend, it's going to be one of the best all year.

Listen to the full interview above.

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