What fathers can do to better their chances at Family Court

Drive 24/01/2018

A heartbroken father has dropped his fight to spend more time with his young children.

For two years, Tom has battled in court to see his two boys more than every other weekend.

But after yet another failed court hearing this week, the Marlborough man says the "emotional toll" on the children is too much.

To get advice on what fathers can do to help their chances at Family Court if they are in a custody battle, family court specialist Jeremy Sutton joined Stephen McIvor on RadioLIVE Drive.

He says fathers don't do themselves justice in court.

They're not always organised.

Mr Sutton told RadioLIVE mothers are more likely to get custody.

"But it's not always so, it just depends on what their particularly circumstances are."

He said age is also a factor.

"If the child or children are under five then perhaps it's more likely they'll be with the mother and the child can't have a real view that's going to have any influence," he said.

Listen to the full interview with Jeremy Sutton above.

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