Summer Sport: David Law on the tennis

Sunday Sport 14/01/2018
Andy Murray. Credit: Getty.

Dave Worsley and Brad Lewis talk with David Law as they wrap up Summer Sport.

Mr Law is a British sports reporter who speaks about the Tennis and whether or not people are losing interest.

He says the weather has improved in Melbourne, ahead of the Austrailian Open tennis tournament.

Speaking about the players, Mr Law explains it's more about them wanting to start playing tennis professionally again.

Is there a chance for a brand new Grand Small Champion?

The likelihood is someone who hasn't won before.

But are people losing interest in the sport?

David Law told Summer Sport that if you take Andy Murray out of any tournament, people will lose interest.

"There is a shock element to it." 

"There is a question mark hanging over Andy Murray right now."

Listen to the full interview with David Law above.

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