Saturday Fresh Highlights - 13 Jan

Saturday Fresh 13/01/2018

Trudi Nelson was in for Carly Flynn this week as Saturday Fresh is back for 2018. Below are some highlights from this weeks show - have a listen!

Authour Amanda Tiffen spoke about her new book 'A life Less Sugar' - she lost 20 kgs by reducing sugar!

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Psychiatrist Dr Silvanya shared her wisdom about the 'back to work blues' - she's currently 5 years into the industry- you can check out her instagram here.

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Mermaid Mary joins Trudi to discuss the wines of 2018! Go to


Ashia Ismail-Singer has created an Indian cookbook which is due out in 2018, she speaks to Trudi about her opportunities - check out her website here!


Life Coach Tracy Manu was on the show to talk all things 2018... for a better you!
You can see her website 'Blossom', here!

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Lewis Rowe for a Saturday morning car chat... and 'all things 4 wheels'.
Check out his website here!

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