Rob Fort has one of the most popular kayak fishing shows in the world

The Fishing Show 26/01/2018

Who would've guessed that kayak fishing was so popular on YouTube? Probably not Rob Fort who has found his show 'NZ Kayak Fishing' being ranked 26th in the world in the kayak fishing category.

By the looks of things, many of the people in this category are spending massive dollars on their shows, but Rob is taking the typical kiwi approach, producing the show with money out of his own pocket.

John and Mal were lucky enough to have Rob on the show this week to chat about his show and kayak fishing in general.

With kayak fishing on the rise in NZ, Rob shares his best tips to get started. Most important of all - make sure you have a quality kayak.

Rob rattles off a list of all the key features that you need to look out for when buying including rod holders, storage, seats and quality paddles.

You can catch 'NZ Kayak Fishing' on YouTube here.

An upcoming episode features a Mako shark so keep an eye out for that exciting adventure.

Listen to the full interview above.

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