‘It’s just a herbal medicine’ – medicinal cannabis advocate

Morning Talk 01/02/2018

The medical cannabis Bill put forward by Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick was defeated in its first reading, with 47 votes for and 73 votes against.

Rebecca Reider, a medicinal cannabis patient hailing from the US, talks with Mark Sainsbury on her disappointment with the vote and her experience with medical cannabis from the U.S. 

“It seems like [MPs] didn’t read the Bill properly and they haven’t read any of the facts about cannabis,” said Ms Reider.

The dual Kiwi-American citizen had dealt with a chronic pain condition for the past twelve years, with experiences in both California and Hawaii as a legal medicinal cannabis patient.

She argues that the Ms Swarbrick’s Bill would’ve made it possible for her to treat her symptoms “without being a criminal.”

It’s just an herbal medicine.

“Cannabis helped me a lot with muscle spasms…” she said. “It’s just not available to me and it wouldn’t be available to me under the Bill that Labour proposed.”

Ms Reider pointed out that when the US initially took the plunge to criminalise the drug in 1937, the medical industry was against the move.

“Now we’ve had all these decades of brainwashing where people will think that to be a respectable human being, you have to be afraid of cannabis.”

“It’s just an herbal medicine,” she told RadioLIVE. “And people all across Aotearoa are growing it in their gardens already.”

Listen to the full interview with Rebecca Reider above.

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