What are the top jobs for 2018?

Long Lunch 11/01/2018

Are you a 'cloud engineer'? If so, here's some good news - your job is one of the top jobs in demand for 2018 along with 'executive assistant'.  

The latest Hays Jobs Report points to strong vacancy activity for digital marketing specialists, cybersecurity specialists and proven sales professionals too.

Sarah McCartney, spokesperson for SEEK joins Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch taking a look at the industries that are hungry for new recruits in 2018.

She told RadioLIVE there was a broad range of jobs taking off in 2018, across a range of industries.

"IT continues to be a really high employing industry right through New Zealand," she said.

There are six-thousand jobs currently [in IT]

Ms McCartney says all companies, regardless of their industry, are looking for people that can do change transformation, implement new software services and security, and bring online payment systems.

"So it's a really broad career path for people.

"Anybody that's got skillsets across IT and IT communications is in a really strong position when it comes to job hunting."

According to the Hays Jobs Report, skills in demand include:

  • Management Accountants in response to the drive to develop value-adding reporting for line managers
  • Internal Auditors who are true business partners with experience gained in local top and mid-tier firms
  • Architectural Technicians who are licensed building practitioners
  • Registered Architects with ArchiCAD experience since there is a skills shortage
  • Commercial Site Managers and Project Managers in response to a large number of new commercial builds
  • Civil Estimators and Project Managers in response to various upcoming projects
  • Civil Engineers (land development) in Christchurch, Waikato and Bay of Plenty
  • Civil Engineers (water) in Christchurch’s rural south
  • Registered Valuers as there are simply not enough registered professionals to meet demand, particularly in Auckland
  • Machine Operators (excavators, diggers and drivers) due to the amount of land development and subdivision work underway
  • DevOps experts in response to the focus on website reliability and the rise of Agile environments
  • Cloud Engineers and Cloud Architects as organisations migrate to the cloud
  • .Net Developers in response to the continuous demand for the development of software
  • Insurance claims professionals since a growing population, weather events and technology advancements have led to an increasing number of claims
  • Construction Lawyers in response to large-scale construction and infrastructure projects
  • Commercial Property Lawyers given the increasing number of commercial developments and strong economy
  • Data Analysts as organisations look to utilise customer data
  • Social Media experts as organisations increasingly use specialised social listening and intelligence tools to monitor CX in real time
  • Executive Assistants with experience supporting multiple executives
  • Outbound telesales professionals in response to ongoing high staff turnover
  • Sales Representatives with specific industry experience who come with a network of potential customers.

Listen to the full interview with Sarah Mcartney above.

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