Tips for the best fly-fishing

The Fishing Show 20/01/2018

Interesting fishing in Rotorua with all the storms coming through, lakes & rivers are looking great, lots of big fish being caught by tourists - they can't believe the size.

Mike Davis joins The Fishing Show to discuss hot tips for fly-fishing in rivers. 

According to Mr Davis, higher up the river is best. Knock on a few doors on private property - believe it or not, most people are relaxed and let you fish on their land.

He's also been out in the ocean soft-baiting, though he hasn't caught anything big yet. But at this time of year, it's just about getting out and getting a feed.

Once people are back at work Mr Davis will get out good and proper again when there are fewer people trying to catch the big fish.

Listen to the full interview with Mike Davis above.

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