Media Stick with Tamar Munch

Weekend Variety Wireless 28/01/2018

Graeme Hill talks with Tamar Munch as Weekend Variety Wireless returns for 2018, with Media Stick making fun of the latest news.

Do you get annoying adds playing when you're watching videos on Youtube?... Graeme can't stand them.

Greg Boyd and the news... did you know you can say 'bummer' on the news now? Well, Greg says it...

The new One News wall... they are so excited about it. But how is actually shaping up?

Hayley Holt... how is she doing as the new face of Breakfast?

Jacinda Arderns baby fever... what star sign will Jacinda's baby be... Oh come on. Graeme is. just. done.

Whatever happened to the UK boy with the fake restaurant?!

And so much more.

Listen to the full audio with Tamar Munch above.

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