Media Stick with Paul Casserly

Weekend Variety Wireless 21/01/2018

Ryan Bradley is in for Graeme Hill this week as Weekend Variety Wireless returns for 2018, with Paul Casserly in for Media Stick.

The rocket lab has launched the internet into a frenzy... it was live streaming this afternoon - but what exactly does did the launch show?

Ryan and Paul discuss the Fire and Fury Trump book, where the pornstar who spent a night with Donald Trump in a hotel room spills all.

Trump apparently said, "I want a pizza, and I want the toppings to be little pizza's on top..." 

His ex-wife spoke up about his Presidency, stating when he sticks his mind on something he's going to do it.

She said, "He runs the country as a business."

They also talk about Jacinda and Baby Ardern/Gayford - it has gone around the world and she's spoken to nearly everyone about it.

Listen to the full audio with Paul Casserly above.

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