National Party caucus ‘insists on generational change’ - Matthew Hooton

Morning Talk 31/01/2018

Reports of conversations and speculations amongst National Party MPs over who will replace leader Bill English have arisen according to Lloyd Burr, a Newshub political reporter.

Mr Burr on The AM Show said “this is something that's been talked about for quite a long time," and that there's "no way" Mr English will lead the National Party into the next election. 

PR consultant Matthew Hooton joins Mark Sainsbury to discuss the state of the National party and why Bill English's time as leader is up.

It's all over for Bill English.

"The National Party caucus insists on generational change and that will happen sooner rather than later," he said.

"By the time of the next election, [Bill English] would have been in Parliament for 30 years." 

Mr Hooton says Mr English has had two chances to become Prime Minister.

"The first time, of course, he led National to its worst defeat in its history.

"And last year he led National to its best defeat in its history," Mr Hooton said.

"It is the end of the road."

Listen to the full interview with Matthew Hooton above.

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