LGBTI will still be marginalised on 2018 Census

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The identities of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people will not be counted in the next New Zealand Census.

The 2018 Census will not ask any questions about sexual orientation or gender identity, and instead will provide a two-category gender question.

Aych McArdle, human rights activist and LGBTI researcher, joins Summer Breakfast to discuss how the LGBTI community feels on the issue. 

“We are absolutely flabbergasted,” says McArdle, who identifies neither as a male or female.

If you don’t count someone, you are almost saying they don’t count. 

McArdle urges Statistics Minister James Shaw to investigate why Statistics NZ is still ignoring the LGBTI community when it’s 'an easy fix'.

“It’s so simple,” says McArdle.

“Is there institutionalised homophobia, transphobia, intersexphobia within Statistics New Zealand?” asks McArdle. “If so, that is very serious and needs to be investigated immediately.”

McArdle explains that when Statistics NZ doesn’t count the ‘rainbow community’ in its Census, it leads to a misunderstanding of the community’s needs for services and support.  

“We are missing out on the magic that rainbow communities can bring to New Zealand,” says McArdle.  

Listen to the full interview with Aych McArdle above. 

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