Trump Slump

Weekend Variety Wireless 28/01/2018

Graeme Hill talks with John Dybvig as Weekend Variety Wireless returns for 2018, with the ever classic... Letter from America.

Russia... Dybvig can't shut up about it.

It's the first week back with Graeme and Dybvig so expect chaos.

Donald Trump paid the Porn Star he cheated with $130,000 to keep their affair private... but she spilled anyway.

What has Muller done now?

Worldwide tourism is up 7% around the world... however, it's down by 4% in the United States.

Also, how did a woman who brought her Christmas tree into a shop... 2 weeks after Christmas Day... demanding her money back for her 'dead tree'... get a refund?!

And Trump drama, drama, drama.

Listen to the full audio with John Dybvig above.

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