Lee Germon - Sydney Thunder 'Big Bash' CEO

Sunday Sport 07/01/2018

Dave Worsley and Brad Lewis talk with Lee Germon, the Sydney Thunder 'Big Bash' CEO. 

Germon explains it's an eye-opener to be a part of a competition that they had looked at so enviously.

Every game we have over a Million people tune in.

The Big Bash will finish at the start of February this year, but is there a possibility of the Sydney Thunder vs Canterbury?

Germon explains the challenge they have is placing the schedules, however, there are opportunities to explore.

Moneywise, he thinks only last year the Big Bash became profitable, in their 6th season.

If you look at quality, from a cricket perspective - this Big Bash is the best woman's tournament in the world.

Listen to the full interview with Lee Germon above.

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