‘Horrific’ suffering of Kiwis detained in Australia

Photo: Getty.

New Zealanders detained in Australian immigration centres have expressed their frustrations and fears of being deported away from their families.

The Iwi n Aus group, an organisation that fights for Kiwi citizen rights in Australia, is challenging the new Government to follow up on their rhetoric against the detention centres while they were in opposition. 

Filipa Payne, Iwi n Aus group co-ordinator, joins Tony Murrell on Summer Breakfast to discuss the future of the detainees.

“I would like to ask the New Zealand Government to stand by what they stood up for the last two years in Opposition,” she says.

While the numbers are unclear, Ms Payne estimates from reports that 175 people or more in the detention centre at any given time for crimes ranging from graffiti to no crimes whatsoever.

The children suffer the most.

“Where is the New Zealand voice for our citizens in Australia?” she asks. 

Kelvin Davis, Deputy Labour leader and Corrections Minister has previously criticised Australia's detention centre policy for Kiwis waiting to appeal visa cancellations.

In 2015 Mr Davis even flew to Christmas Island, a territory of Australia, to advocate for the rights of Kiwis in detention centres. 

Listen to the full interview with Filipa Payne above. 

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