When a scam caller got the ultimate payback

Morning Talk 18/01/2018

Clever scams come out daily, with the most recent scammers pretending to be Air New Zealand in a fake Facebook survey.

For a business owner who receives two to three scam calls a week - enough was enough.

Eden Brackstone, owner and director of DeepFocus Ltd, joins Mark Sainsbury on Morning Talk to discuss how he pulled off a so-called “hacking” of the computer of a scam caller.

When Mr Brackstone received a call from “Spark Technical Services”, he instantly knew it was an organised scammer. Luckily, the scammer started the call off by offering  full unrestricted access to his own computer.

“[Scammers] use this tactic as a mechanism to establish trust,” Mr Brackstone explains.

Once Mr Brackstone was sure the scammer was away from his desk, he got to work.

His password was actually 123456.

“I spent the next half hour wrecking varying degrees of havoc,” he says, on top of gathering information that he could forward on to others.

Turns out, the scammer had placed over 5000 calls to various countries.

“He’s probably not very popular among his peers having left the door wide open,” he says. 

Listen to the full interview with Eden Brackstone above.

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