Cost of rent the major housing issue this year

Drive 31/01/2018

The Property Institute has stated the number one issue for housing for 2018 will be the cost of rent.

Ashley Church, chief executive of the Property Institute says policies of the new Government, combined with uncertainty around housing investment over the next few years, will ‘scare’ some property investors out of the market and lower the number of rentals available.

Mr Church joined Ali Mau on RadioLIVE Drive to go over what other factors will be hiking up the cost of rent.

He says there are a couple of reasons for why the cost of renting has jumped ahead of the price of housing this year as the number one issue.

"Firstly, we're in that part of the cycle where property prices have tapered off and basically consolidated but there's a tiny bit of growth left in them but that will pretty much disappear this year.

He told RadioLIVE property prices "will pretty much stay flat."

Listen to the full interview with Ashley Church above.

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