Oh snap: Why you should stop eating snapper

Drive 04/01/2018
Al Brown. Credit: File.

We’ve all been guilty of favouring white, boneless fish. But with such a huge variety of fish species living in our waters, people are now being encouraged to try fish they may not typically eat like Kahawai, Flounder and Blue Moki.

Lloyd Burr talks with popular Kiwi chef Al Brown on RadioLIVE's Summer Drive.

Why does he want New Zealanders to broaden their horizons regarding the types of fish we eat?

"I'm trying to get people to think about what they need when they go out to catch fish and that all fish are delicious and wonderful," says Al Brown.

We shouldn't just go out and target certain species like blue cod and snapper.

"It's all about me trying to teach people that other fish are incredible to eat as well," he says.

Mr Brown says after traveling around the world, he realised that what is on often in New Zealand waters is incredibly special.

"It's about looking after the resource, no wastage and eating the whole fish."

Listen to the full interview with Al Brown above.

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