Aspiring vegans: Dietician advises how to ditch meat safely

Home & Garden 20/01/2018

The term “veganism” has taken off in New Zealand the last few years, with more people seeking alternatives to meat for ethical and/or health reasons.

Registered dietician Mary Rose Spence joins Home & Garden to discuss how to stay healthy on the increasingly popular meat-free diet.

The vegan diet is strictly plant-based, excluding meat and all animal derived products like milk and honey.  

“We are seeing a steady stream of young women who are making that choice [to go vegan].”

If the diet is followed properly, evidence has shown that going vegan can lower blood pressure and risk of obesity.

However, as a dietician, Ms Spence often sees youths who dive into the diet without approaching it mindfully.

Animal protein needs to be replaced with a vegetable protein.

The dietician lists off examples of protein alternatives, like lentils, beans, chickpeas, nuts and tofu – which she recommends consuming at least twice a day.

She explains that animal proteins are complete, while vegetable proteins contain incomplete amino acids.

“So we need to get a good variety,” she says. 

Listen to the full interview with Mary Rose Spence above. 

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