North Korea talks means Olympians will go South

Drive 10/01/2018

There's peace on the peninsula as the North Korean athletes and cheerleaders are allowed to head to next month's Winter Olympics in South Korea after the two countries ended their first official talks for more than two years.

Professor of Strategic Studies at Victoria University Robert Ayson joined Lloyd Burr on Summer Drive.

There's a possibility of the South Korean and North Korean teams actually parading together.

Professor Ayson says that although the talks were about sending North Korean athletes to the Winter Olympics it was also about North Korea wanting to have its nuclear status recognised by the United States, and not wanting to have to give them up as a safeguard of their security.

He has said when the South Koreans indicated talking about the nulcear issue, the North Korean response was that they only wanted to talk with the US because that is the direction their weapons are aimed.

Listen to the full interview with Professor Robert Ayson above.

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