Apps of the week

Sunday Social 21/01/2018
Credit: Youtube

It's Sunday Social time and Vaughn is joined by Anna Connell for Apps of the Week... Elle Darby, Jacindamainia, 'mansplaining' and so much more!

Elle Darby - "This one's for all my blogging angels." What is she on about... and who even is she?

Vaughn and Anna delve into why the 22-year-old British vlogger thought it was okay to offer a hotel in Dublin a great review on her channel... in return for a free stay.

Elle released a video on her Youtube channel saying she sometimes does deal with brands and companies in exchange for exposure... and doesn't understand why the hotel wouldn't go for it.

Please dont aspire to be a social media influencer.

- Anna Connell.

Vaughn throws back;

Maybe instead aspire to be Prime Minister!

Speaking about the Prime Minister ... Jacinda Ardern has announced her pregnancy! Vaughn and Anna discuss a mostly happy response across the nation.

Also... buzz words. The two words of the evening are 'virtue signaling' and mansplaining, which Anna breaks down for anyone that doesn't know.

"Mainly men and robots"...  What is Vaughn talking about?... and what are vibrating shorts? 

Listen to the full audio with Anna Connel above to find out.

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