Wellington Snapper, Kingies and Tarakihi!

The Fishing Show 08/12/2017

Here’s Steve’s report on the Kingfish being caught on slide baits in Oriental Bay, the beach fishing snapper bonanza in Eastbourne and Evans Bay and the South Coast Tarakihi!

Steve Reed has extensive fishing experience both from the shore and the boat, and has been a successful competitive competition angler both locally and at a National level from both the shore and the boat.

He’s been running his fishing Tackle shop (Steves’s Fishing Shop) in Wellington since 1985 and has a charter fishing skipper background to boot!

Steve is also a past NZACA National Boat Section Champion with numerous successes both from the shore section and the boat section of the Wellington Surf Casting And Angling Club.

He has fished extensively around NZ including the Three Kings and White Island game fishing, Greymouth for bluefin tuna and many of New Zealand's beautiful rivers for trout.

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