Hottest summer surf-casting tips

The Fishing Show 22/12/2017

Surfcasting - you can do it anywhere. But heading into the busy summer fishing period, the key is to keep it simple. And of course, enjoy it.

Wellington’s Steve Reed covers a plethora of hot topics with Terry & Peter.What is the most versatile hook size and the best way to improve your chances with a lure.

  • Is a pyramid sinker better than a breakaway sinker?
  • Steve lets us in on the best way to improve your stream/river fishing with a frozen burley bomb.
  • The best time of day to get out and give yourself the best chances - it depends what kind of water you’re fishing on.

The guys also have a reminder to keep safe out there. Don’t wade out too far when you’re surfcasting. Be wary of the big swells on the rocks. Wear a lifejacket no matter where you are. And take a mate with you, fishing’s always better with another lad or lass beside you.

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