Summer Sport: Sir Bryan Williams

Saturday Sport 30/12/2017

Dave Worsley and Brad Lewis talk with Sir Bryan Williams on his recent knightship, being an All Black legend, and his family.

I'm very honored and humbled by the award.

Sir Bryan talks about how it was only a few months ago when he first received his letter and contemplated not accepting it.

He says you look back on your life and think it's not just about you, it's about all the people that affected your life and became part of the journey.

With all aspects of life there are ups and downs, Sir Bryan states, as he explains it has been quite difficult keeping the whole thing a secret.

At the end of the day its people around you who really count.

Sir Bryan also tells of how long he had wanted to be an All Black, and that he had always dreamed of it.

Listen to the full interview with Sir Bryan Williams above.

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